The Carpenters Apprentice Program is a five-year commitment that is a combination of classroom learning and job site employment. Apprentices attend classes for two weeks every six months, a system designed to accommodate the needs of the contractors and apprentices alike. The program allows carpenters apprentices to earn wages and benefits that enable them to provide for themselves and their families, while learning from the most experienced professionals in both training environments. As a result, apprentices are continuously building upon their knowledge and skill base in a practical construction site setting.

Established on November 1, 1969, the New Jersey Carpenters Apprentice Training and Educational Fund (NJCATEF) is committed to training the most highly-skilled and efficient work force necessary to remain competitive in today’s construction market. The training program is sponsored entirely through employer contributions based on a percentage of the negotiated hourly wage. The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters has established a Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) to carry out the responsibilities, duties and day to day operations of the program. The foundation of the JATC’s philosophy lies in the belief that training and training alone, will determine the degree of employability for members of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters. When provided with the skills, knowledge and technology required in today’s construction industry the union carpenter will remain unsurpassed in performance and superiority.
The NJCATEF owns three training facilities; one in northern New Jersey (Kenilworth), one in central New Jersey (Trenton), and one in southern New Jersey (Hammonton). All three training centers are approved and registered by the United States Department of Labor, Office Apprenticeship and the New Jersey Department of Vocational Education. Additionally, each apprentice must be registered with the Department of Labor’s, Office of Apprenticeship and their progress monitored according to the standards set forth by the agency.
Created by the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Carpenters Fund, the NJCATEF is a cooperative effort between the Union and their respective signatory employers. The NJCTEF and their employers agree that a common objective of
The Trustees of the Fund oversee the receipt of the contributions and the expenditures of Fund assets for training and administration.

Apprenticeship Training Program – for applicants that have some, or no, experience in commercial carpentry.

  • To apply for the Apprenticeship program you must fill out an application, take the standardized math test and provided that you pass the math test the applicant will be scheduled for an interview.
  • For more information on the apprenticeship program and the times that you can submit an application, click on the link below.
  • View the Pre-Applicant Information Brochure 276
  •  Carpenter Practice Math Exam